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Palmers Bar
Palmer’s Bar is located at 500 Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis Minnesota, (the “West Bank”). In 1906 the bar was owned by the Minneapolis Brewing Company (predecessor to Grain Belt Brewery) and was a second home to dock, rail and lumber workers, boat crews, immigrants, gadflies and transients long before that failed social experiment known as Prohibition was ushered into law.

Palmer’s still maintains the original trademark red & white tile floor familiar to privately-owned Grain Belt beer halls of the era. The location was also one of the first to tap a legal keg upon its repeal, if in fact it ever stopped! Rumor has it there was a tunnel connecting Palmer’s to the 5 Corners Saloon (what is now known as the Nomad). The location has been a bar ever since, with the Palmer’s name on the door for well over 50+ years.

Having survived prohibition, bootlegging, cathouse raids (brothel upstairs of the bar in the 1930’s) two World Wars, the 50’s, the smoking ban, disco, Jesse & two Bush presidencies, the mullet, the advent of AA and Starbucks, not to mention various urban renewal projects (bridge to nowhere…. )… Palmer’s is still a proud second home (community center with a kick) to many a working Twin Cities man and woman, including: students, nurses, cabbies, hippies & hipsters, musicians, anarchists, poets and artists, as well as a rare breed of professional barflies (some of whom actually served as extras in a scene from Bukowski’s Factotum which was filmed at the bar). Palmer’s has been described as: A church for down and outers and those who romanticize them, a rare place where high and low rub elbows – bums and poets, thieves and slumming celebrities. It’s a place that wears its history proudly. In June 2014 Esquire Magazine named Palmer’s Bar one of the “Best Bars in America”

Palmer’s is a destination where you can occasionally find a pick-up Scrabble game, a free-form Hippenanny (every Wednesday around 5) and where you can always find a familiar face, an interesting conversation and the best drink values in the Twin Cities! Palmer’s hosts karaoke on Mondays, and live music every other night of the week.

We promise your visit will be memorable.

- Palmers Bar