Palmer’s loves good music. We have for a while. Cowboy blues, saloon crooners, poet folkists. These damnedly endearing echoes have been bouncing through both the regular regulars and irregular regulars for years, down to their babies, inspiring and mingling with every new year’s river countrygrass, hard rhythm&hop, and art rockers. Yet, genre classification and historical nuance are too clumsy a task here. Perhaps a redirect: Palmer’s loves booking good music. If you are interested in your craft, and like to throw parties, send an email to, and we’ll figure something out.

Aside from the oft scheduled late night Revivalist / Crafty Songster events, we can hold receptions or special occasion parties during the happy hour, and do offer month-long residencies for visual artists. If this sounds like yer plan, please email Tony at

If you think you lost something awesome (um, phone, not phone number) at the bar, and you’re hoping some kindness of chaos caused the world to save it for you in the lost and found, please call 612-333-7625.